An open source catalog of offensive security tools Permalink

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From Gwendal Le Coguic (@gwen001 / @gwendallecoguic), is a fairly wide-ranging collection of offensive security tools. At the time of publication, it includes close to 700 tools, though some very popular free tools (e.g., mimikatz, impacket) are missing, and the project’s appetite for cataloging commericial tools (e.g., Pegasus, FinFisher, etc.) is unclear.

Roundup of commercial spyware, digitial forensics technology use by governments Permalink

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From the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:

The dataset provides a global inventory of commercial spyware & digital forensics technology procured by governments. It focuses on three overarching questions: Which governments show evidence of procuring and using commercial spyware? Which private sector companies are involved and what are their countries of origin? What activities have governments used the technology for?

The leaderboard is interesting, albeit predictable.

Simple, measurable ATT&CK testing with Atomic Red Team

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This Google Sheets template aims to make it easy to perform simple, measurable testing of MITRE ATT&CK techniques using Atomic Red Team or an adversary emulation solution of your choosing.


To get started:

  1. Choose the technique that you wish to test. To help prioritize your testing, incorporate rankings from public threat reports, your own intelligence, or any other mechanism that you choose. The top techniques from Red Canary’s annual Threat Detection Report are incorporated into this template for convenience.
  2. Select a corresponding Atomic Red Team test. You can search for or browse tests by tactic, technique, or target platform here.
  3. Document whether the test was:

    • Observed in any manner, from system logs to network events
    • Detected by any of your controls, which could be SIEM analytics, alerts from any of your security products, or activity detected by partners or service providers
    • Mitigated by an existing secuirty control

This is based on the “A